The world of Venture Capital and high growth startups is certainly in vogue right now, but is often misunderstood and distorted by TV programmes and Silicon Valley-tinted glasses. At Campus Capital, our focus is on helping the best and brightest students across the UK to access the venture capital education and gain real investment experience. For that reason, we’ve built:

Campus Capital Community

A national network for students across the UK with an interest in high-growth startups and venture capital finance. This network provides you with exclusive access to our online training programme, webinars and community events, as well as access to our online community hub.

Campus Capital Student VC

This experiential learning programme is for the students who want get involved and gain a real-world investment experience. From deal sourcing, pitch analysis and taking founder meetings Student VCs not only gain first hand investment experience but also learn how high-growth businesses really work.


I wanted to thank you for the opportunity Campus Capital gave me!

I never would have thought to pursue venture capital (and entrepreneurship) to this extent. This was a great first step for me and the other team members and has definitely shaped all our career choices a lot.


1st-2nd year, Engineering

I mentioned Campus Capital, the work I would be doing and how this would help me at Coutts.

This September I begin my highly competitive graduate programme at Coutts in Global Markets, Wealth and Investment Management. The graduate programme had thousands of applications for just three places and being part of Campus Capital will have been vital in securing this role.


Final year, Finance

Campus Capital is different from other opportunities I have had at university.

The ability to make decisions that are real and have real impacts on the decision processes will provide an invaluable experience that will put all the students who participate in Campus Capital ahead of the competition


Final year Economics and Finance student

The Community vs Student VC

What You Get

Campus Capital Community

Campus Capital Student VC

Access to our community hub :

Access exclusive e-learning challenges :

No commitment, come and go as you like :

Live webinars from industry leaders :

On-campus ``bootcamp`` training day :

``Deep Dive`` webinars & challenges :

Mentoring from our support network :

Receive and analyse real business pitches :

Take real investment meetings with founders :

Put ``Student VC`` on your CV / LinkedIn :