Only 10% of decision makers in venture capital firms are women. And the overwhelming majority are white. We know that recruiters tend to recruit people like them and that managers tend to promote people like them… and that we ALL have unconscious biases whether male, female, black or white. So then what can we assume about what this lack of diversity means for founders raising venture capital who don’t fall into the ‘like us’ category?

At least 87 students at The University of Sheffield do. In Spring Semester 2017, we’ll launch an educational programme to run alongside our Fund. The students accepted onto this programme will form a society that meets on a weekly basis to debate trends, share learnings and discuss potential deals. We’ll put on 6 weeks of delivered talks with investors and entrepreneurs to give the students some foundational theory in Venture Capital, such as how funds are modelled, how to add impact as a VC and the entrepreneurs’ perspective. After this is complete, the students will start sourcing and managing deal flow as an associate VC might in another venture capital firm. We always knew there were students out there who would jump at this opportunity. After all, it’s rare to get this kind of experience. But we had lots of debates and discussions