Meet our first ever team of Student VCs

Our mission at Campus Capital is three-fold:

  1. To educate a new generation of investors and entrepreneurs
  2. To provide finance to early-stage startups
  3. To provide a good return to our investors

To achieve our education goals, we’re working closely with some of the UK’s top universities, finding credible, enthusiastic, competent students who want to experience venture capital from the investor’s side of the table. And we’re pleased to say that The University of Sheffield exceeded our already high expectations. Our final group is made up of students from all disciplines, all levels of study (including Masters and PhD), and is probably one of the most diverse venture capital teams you’ve ever laid eyes on!

Here’s a pretty chart to illustrate…



Economics with Finance


Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science

Information School

Electronic & Communications Engineering

Developmental Biology

English & Philosophy

Advanced Computer Science

Business Management

Data Science

Politics & Research Methods

Mechanical Engineering


Electronic & Communications Engineering



Mechatronic & Robotic Engineering

Computer Systems Engineering

We’re really excited to be working closely with this group in Sheffield who will part-run aspects of the funding pipeline and take an active role in the early stages of the dealflow process. We hope that each of our Student VCs will gain real world investment experience while learning how to build and scale a growth business. Our aim is that all students who actively engage with Campus Capital will leave university not only with a deep insight into investment and business, but with a strong professional network and a portfolio of live investments they were involved with.

Campus Capital SVC Ltd is a community focused organisation which provides experiential learning opportunities within venture capital.